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Hi, I’m Alison

Together, we will explore and transform the way you experience adversity by getting to know yourself intimately”

What is Holding Hearts?

Holding Heart is a place of practice. It is a safe coaching space created for you to reflect and express your feelings and desires openly. 

It’s where you get to practise being present to life and to awaken the healing power within you.  Book your consultation to learn more.

My Purpose

I created Holding Hearts to support those impacted by death and loss. Through reflection, contemplation and mindful practices you will get to experience life in the present moment.

Keeping death in mind can motivate you to create your best life for the rest of your life.  

“The journey towards living my best life meant that I had to explore, loss, death and dying” Alison Reynoso

My Story

I have always known that there’s so much more than my physical body but after feeling my soul disconnect from my body while in the emergency room, I know for sure there’s so much more to explore into who I am.  

I Panicked

I panicked and screamed out of fear of what was happening.  I heard a voice that said, “you need to calm down and breathe, I got you!”.  I listened and felt my soul returned to my physical body. I never felt so alive. 

Self Awareness And Allowing Is The Key

I opened myself up to information and practices that led me to better understand my automatic responses to trauma and life.  I learned about the connection between my thoughts, feelings and body.  


My Life Changed

My world shifted once I chose to surrender to my situation and open my heart to the meaning of it all. 

Ultimately, I learned that the answers and the peace I was looking for was within me.  

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“The key to it all has been my ability to embrace life experiences with mindfulness and willingness. A balance between adversity and joy.  It’s not one or the other, it’s all of it” Alison Reynoso

My Approach

My intuitive and deliberate approach invites clients to experience their  best life by exploring their relationship with themselves and everything else.  With the use of mindfulness, creativity and powerful tools, we will create the space for your authenticity and desired results.  

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Our work is in eliminating the blocks that are getting in your way.Alison Reynoso

Ways I Can Help You

Digging Into Heart And Soul Info Graphic

Digging Into Your Heart and Soul

One To One Coacing

You get to be authentic and real with yourself.  You get to express what is in your heart with individual attention.  You get to tap into your personal power to create the life of your dreams.

Digging Into Your Intuition

Digging Into Your Intuition

Group  Coaching

You get to tap into the wisdom and support  through group experience and collective healing.  Enhance your intuition and open your heart to a deeper sense of life.

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Recover The Joy Of life

You get to rest, reflect, recover and renew. Through honouring your expression of grief and loss, letting go of burdens and allowing a deeper sense of inner peace.