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Live Your Best Life For The Rest Of Your Life

I am in service to those who have been impacted by death and loss and because of it, they are ready to embrace and dig deep into their personal power to create the life of their dreams, NOW.

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Digging In For Peace

Digging in to Peace is about exploring your relationship to life in the face of loss and death.

Together we get to cultivate inner peace by practicing stillness to enhance your intuition with grace and confidence.

Take a Pause and Be Silent ……  Why?

Because we deserve to show ourselves some love
Because all of our answers are within ourselves
Because we deserve some peace of mind.
“Digging In For Peace” masterclass will help you come home to yourself.

Here’s How You Can Work With Me

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Digging Into Your Heart and Soul

One To One Coacing

You get to be authentic and real with yourself.  You get to express what is in your heart with individual attention.  You get to tap into your personal power to create the life of your dreams.

Digging Into Your Intuition

Digging Into Your Intuition

Group  Coaching

You get to tap into the wisdom and support  through group experience and collective healing.  Enhance your intuition and open your heart to a deeper sense of life.

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Recover The Joy Of life

You get to rest, reflect, recover and renew. Through honouring your expression of grief and loss, letting go of burdens and allowing a deeper sense of inner peace.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership. In this process, you are the expert on you and your life. As such, you decide what we are here for and where you want to end up.  

What I Bring?

 I help you tap into your innate intuition to bring out all of the brilliance, power, and clarity that is already inside of you.  A life by your own design is at your fingertips.

Holistic Coaching

Although there are many coaching practices that focus solely in one area, such as career, wellness, finances, etc.  I intentionally identify myself as a Life and Spiritual Coach because it is my philosophy that by tapping into your inner self (Spiritual Self), you gain access to your source of power.

We may often work on area-specific projects, however, our coaching practice will always revert back to the ‘big picture’, the complete and whole life you want for yourself.  Self-awareness is only the beginning; creating and accomplishing life’s desires requires action, commitment and hunger for a more fulfilling life. 


“Her gifts blossom from a deep understanding of the importance of self-care and holding the same space for herself that she holds for others. My heart has learned so much from Alison over the years, I’m sure yours will too.”

Karen Asconi

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